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Harriet's Faith

Did Harriet's faith intensify when she had her traumatic head injury or was it always so strong?

Araminta Ross was said to have a very personal relationship with God, feeling the Divine Presence near to her always. She spoke to God about all things and trusted Him.

It is said that as she recovered from her injuries, a deeper religious spirit seemed to take possession of her. She literally prayed without ceasing. She began to have visions and to drop off into sleep at any time.

The visions took the form of hands beckoning her to flee her enslaved life before she was sold to unknown parts. She took the cue and finally escaped to freedom, trusting her instincts, her skill and God given wisdom.

Harriet may have grown her faith when she suffered the blow to the head as a natural way to counteract what could have been the lowest point in her life. With a disability such as hers, was she as valuable to her owner as others? Rather than bemoan the fact that she would never be the same, Harriet relied on the grace of God to protect her in a bigger way.

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