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Harriet's Recognition

Close to 20 years ago, the National Park Service began consideration of Harriet Tubman for a memorial or park.  Efforts were expanded through the State of Maryland and support of many advocates. 

In 2017, the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad State Visitor Center opened in Church Creek, crowning the efforts of so many for so long. 


The Conference

The Eastern Shore is significant for many reasons, not the least being its history in the Underground Railroad.  It is also the location from which Harriet Tubman fled in 1849 to gain her own freedom.  Remarkably, she would return time and again to rescue her family and friends and assist them on their freedom journeys.   

In 2001, local researcher and Harriet Tubman expert John Creighton began a discussion group that focused on Harriet and the underground railroad.  Using primary source documents and building the genealogical material, these committed researchers found new information to broaden the story.  


By 2010, this monthly discussion group was ready to share its thirst for local, regional and national underground railroad and related research with a larger audience.  The HTUGRR Conference was born! 

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